Holy Crepe Food Truck – Calgary, AB

I decided to check out the Holy Crepe Food Truck awhile back. I had high hopes after hearing some great reviews from a few of my coworkers.  Holy Crepe is one of the 20 plus food trucks that joined the food truck craze earlier this summer.  As the name of the truck suggests, Holy Crepe’s specialty is crepes with a variety of different fillings  – both savoury and sweet.

My coworker tried the Original Sin ($9), which was more of a breakfast crepe as the fillings included eggs, bacon, sautéed peppers, onion, and mushroom, aged cheddar and some chipotle aioli.

I decided to try the Holy Smokes Spicy ($9), which was filled with spicy Italian sausage, sautéed peppers, onions, and mushrooms, aged cheddar, and some chipotle aioli. The crepe was well-executed and I enjoyed the combination of flavours. Even though it was tasty, I did find the portion to be a little on the small side relative to the price and I don’t really have a big appetite. This probably wouldn’t be the truck to hit if you are extra hungry that day.

As with many of the food trucks, my biggest issue has been that the prices are a couple of bucks too expensive. These crepes from Holy Crepe were good, but not amazing. If they were priced around $6-7,  I could see myself going back more often. But at $9 each, I can think of more delicious lunch options at that price point that are better value, more filling, and more tasty. Some may say that the food trucks are more convenient but for me, they haven’t been. I actually have had to go out of my way to seek them out. For what we actually got and considering this take out food, I thought these crepes were a tad overpriced.

Holy Crepe Food Truck


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