Snack Crawl #2 (Part 5) – Street Meet Food Truck – Vancouver, BC

The fifth and final stop of our Snack Crawl was to the Street Meet Food Truck. After having snacks from Meat & Bread, Catch 122 Cafe Bistro, Well Tea, and Mogu Japanese Street Eats, my foodie friend Grayelf and I were actually quite full. But we decided to try Street Meet Food Truck anyways because the truck is often hard to track down and it had been on my list to try for a while. When the Street Meet Food Truck is running, they are usually located at Burrard and Pender, on the Southwest corner of Burrard. They actually just happen to be down the block my favourite food truck, Tacofino Cantina.

Again, Street Meet Food Truck is one of the few relatively newcomers to the Vancouver street food scene. They serve European style street food prepared using fine dining techniques and try to use sustainable ingredients.

Since my foodie friend Grayelf and I were already full, we decided to try some of their smaller offerings. We started with an order of the Crispy Risotto Balls ($5), which were stuffed with slow braised pork and topped with a basil and truffle aioli. These Crispy Risotto Balls, which are similar to arancini, were tasty and well-executed. They were crispy on the outside and the rice mixture on the inside was toothsome. I just wish I could taste more of the slow braised pork though. These giant crispy risotto balls were served on a bed of fresh greens with a few pieces of house made kettle chips dispersed throughout to give it contrasting textures. I wouldn’t say these are the most memorable risotto balls that I’ve ever had but they were definitely very tasty and decent value for what we got.

The second item we tried were the Pork Belly Bites ($7). When we saw that they had pork belly on the menu, we couldn’t resist. We had to try it for “research” purposes. The pork belly pieces were roasted and tossed in an Agro dolce sauce (aka Italian style sweet and sour sauce). For the most part, the pork belly pieces were tasty although there were a few bites that were a bit too fatty for our liking. The pork belly pieces were tasty, tender, and flavourful. The tanginess of the Argo dolce sauce helped to cut some of the greasiness of the pork belly pieces. The accompanying side of crispy house made kettle chips were really good but again a bit on the greasy side. I found myself craving some acidity to cut the grease.

Overall, the items we tried on this visit to Street Meet Food Truck were pretty good. While neither knocked my socks off, they were both well-executed and decent value relative to the price. Compared to other food trucks I’ve tried in Vancouver, Tacofino Cantina still remains my favourite.

Street Meet Food Truck
SW Corner of Burrard at Pender
Vancouver, BC


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