Braizen Chef-Driven Cuisine (Food Truck) – Calgary, AB

On a cold, rainy day last month, I decided to check out the Braizen Food Truck with my coworker. He had raved about their Cumin Lamb dish and I was intrigued. Braizen Food Truck is one of the 20 plus food trucks that joined Calgary’s food truck scene earlier this summer. Braizen prides itself in being a gourmet food truck that uses local, organic, seasonal ingredients. Their menu items isn’t focused on any particular style of cuisine per se, but has items with Asian, classic American, Middle Eastern, or South American influences.

Since my coworker had raved about it, I decided to try the Cumin Rubbed Lamb ($9), which was served with potato succotash. The slow braised, pulled Cumin Rubbed Lamb was delicious! It was fork-tender and really flavourful. My only quibble was that there wasn’t enough of it as I kept on wanting more. As for the potato succotash, which consisted of potatoes, corn, aduki beans, red onion, and grape tomatoes, it tasted just ok. I didn’t really care for it at all. I kept on wishing they would have put the Cumin Rubbed Lamb on a bun or even on a bed of rice or egg noodles instead so that it could sop up the juices from the lamb.

My coworker decided to try the Jerk Chicken Sliders ($8 for 2) along with a bowl of their Coconut Carrot Ginger Soup ($3). The Jerk Chicken Sliders consisted of chicken legs that had been marinated in homemade jerk sauce, grilled, and then chopped up and served on top of slider buns.  The sliders came topped with a pineapple slaw made with napa cabbage, carrot, cilantro, red onion, pineapple juice and rice wine vinegar. I was actually surprised at how spicy the jerk chicken was. It paired really nicely with the pineapple slaw. My only comment with the sliders is that it was really hard to pick up and eat without chicken pieces falling everywhere. My coworker ended up eating most of it with a fork.

Overall, the food I sampled from Braizen tasted fine. Besides the pieces of slow braised Cumin Rubbed Lamb, which I thought was outstanding, the rest wasn’t particularly memorable. And I did find the portions to be a bit small for what we paid. Like with many of the other food trucks, I thought Braizen’s prices are a couple of bucks too expensive for what you actually get. At around the $9 range, I can think of many delicious lunch options at that price point that are better value, more filling, and more tasty.

Braizen Chef-Driven Cuisine (Food Truck)


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