A Ladybug Bakery and Cafe – Calgary, AB

Last month, my food blogger friend, Anna of Anna’s Appetite, and I decided to meet up for brunch. We had not tried A Ladybug Bakery and Cafe since they had set up shop in Aspen Woods so we decided to make our way out there to give it a try. A Ladybug Bakery and Cafe is best known for their Lemon Tart ever since their days at the old Calgary Farmer’s Market (Currie Barrack’s location). The current set up at Ladybug is a hybrid between a fast-food restaurant and a full-service casual restaurant or the so-called fast-casual type of restaurant except that the decor is a little more upscale. When customers first walk in, they go up to the counter to place their order and are given a number to take to their table. The food is delivered to the tables with real plates and silverware and tables are bussed when the meal is done. The menu mainly consists of crepes, both sweet and savoury, as well as waffles with various toppings.

My friend, Anna, ordered the Ham and Cheese Crepe ($13.50), which consisted of bechamel sauce on top of sliced ham. The crepe was topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and a housemade dressing. The presentation was certainly impressive. The crepe was well-executed and the combination of flavours worked well together.

I ordered the Mixed Berry Waffle ($14), which was topped with whipping cream and icing sugar along with homemade jam, plain yogurt, and fresh blueberries, blackberries & raspberries. Again, they get full marks for the plating. The waffle was crispy and light. I liked that it was not overly sweet. Overall, it was delicious, albeit a bit overpriced for what I actually got.

While the food was lovely, the service and ambience was whole different story. In the small seating area, they crammed in as many tables and chairs as possible to seat more patrons. As a result, the space was so tight that servers didn’t even have enough space to get by between the rows of chairs to deliver the food. As part of our dining “experience” at Ladybug, we had a server reach across our table to serve the table next to us. She reached across us not once, not twice but half a dozen times to bring various items to the people seated at the table next to us.  In the thousands of times that I’ve eaten out, be it at fine dining establishments or total dives, I’ve never had this happen to me. It’s already bad form for a server to reach across a diner to serve another diner at the same table and sometimes this can’t be avoided due to the layout of the table. But I can’t even think what cultures might find it acceptable for a server to reach across a whole table of diners to serve another table. Personally, I found this to be TOTALLY unacceptable, especially taking into account the prices they are charging for the food.  It was quite disruptive and a bit of a nuisance. After the first couple of times, I was actually getting quite irritated as each time the server came to deliver food to the table next to us, we stopped eating or stopped mid-sentence to allow her to reach across our faces. I had high hopes for this place but with the cramped seating and poor service, I left disappointed. I can think of many other places for brunch at this price range with more comfortable seating, better service and better trained staff.

A Ladybug Bakery and Cafe
2132, 10 Aspen Stone Blvd SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 249-5530


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