Clive Burger – Calgary, AB

Better late than never, I’m finally posting about my visit to Clive Burger a couple of months back. My friend M and I were really excited to try Clive Burger because we had heard rave reviews about it. I was especially interested in trying their Custard Shakes while my friend M was really stoked that all their menu items can be made gluten-free.

The menu at Clive Burger is pretty straight-forward. One can choose a single, double, or triple burger. Most of the toppings are complimentary with the exception of cheese, bacon, and fried egg, which cost extra. For those who don’t feel like a burger, Clive also offers smokies. For beverages, there is a choice of Custard Shakes in a variety of flavours, wine, beer, and pop.

I settled on trying a Chocolate Cherry Custard Shake ($5) because I couldn’t decide on a single flavour. I liked that I was able to combine flavours. The Chocolate Cherry Shake was delicious. The combination of the chocolate and cherry really worked well together. I would definitely get this combination again.

For my burger, I ordered the Hamburger with Cheese ($7), which came with a single patty and a choice of either cheddar or Swiss cheese. I chose cheddar as I thought the flavour would be bolder. For toppings, I chose lettuce, tomato, mushroom, and Clive sauce. Overall, the burger was tasty but not necessarily the most memorable burger I’d ever had. I was hoping that the patty would have more beef flavour.

My friend M chose the Double Burger with a Gluten-Free Bun ($9 for double burger; additional $2 for gluten-free bun). She commented that the gluten-free bun had a weird texture and tasted a bit “plasticky”. Good on them for having gluten-free offerings but my friend said should wouldn’t go for the gluten-free bun again.

We shared an order of the Fresh Fries ($4), which were cooked in peanut oil. Though I enjoyed the flavour of the fries, I really didn’t care for the unusual texture. We may have gotten a bad batch, but the fries were more like part chip – part fry. Instead of being toothsome and potato-ey, the center of the fries were a bit dry and a bit too crispy. It was totally not what we were expecting. The only good part was the Clive sauce that they provided for dipping.

The best part about Clive Burger was the decor with the cute cartoons on the walls. I really wanted to like this place since it is locally owned by the Concorde Group, which also owns other eateries such as Model Milk and Double Zero Pizza.  I get that they are using quality ingredients such as 100% antibiotic & hormone-free Alberta beef and their packaging is 100% compostable but compared to other burger chains such as Fat Burger, Five Guys, and Smashburger, I didn’t think the taste of food from Clive Burger was that outstanding in comparison. In fact, I thought the burgers that I had from Smashburger have had more beef flavour. Clive Burger is certainly not inexpensive. With a burger, a shake and sharing an order of fries, our meal came out to around $15 per person. At the price point, I’d much prefer to go to CHARCUT for their daily ‘Lunch All at Once‘ set menu. It is not say that I won’t go back to Clive Burger again. I would if I happen to be in the neighbourhood and was craving a Custard Shake. However, I’m not sure I would go out of my way for it as I just don’t feel the food was memorable enough.

Clive Burger
736 17th Ave. SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 461-7088

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