Feta & Olives – Calgary, AB

Feta & Olives is actually a Ontario chain that opened up their first location in Calgary last year. They are located in the lobby of Scotia Centre in downtown Calgary. Last month, my coworker and I decided to try them for lunch one day. I used to be a big fan of the Opa! of Greece location on the main floor of TD Square. Since they’ve been gone, I had yet to find an inexpensive place serving good quality Greek food for lunch.

My coworker ordered the Falafel Dinner ($7.89), which came with a choice of two sides. The choice of sides included rice, chickpeas salad, or Greek potatoes. My coworker chose the chickpeas salad and rice. I had a taste of the falafel and was pleasantly surprised at how tasty it was. It tasted fresh and wasn’t overly dry. The falafel was served with a bit of hummus.

I ordered the Souvlaki Dinner ($8.49), which also came with a choice of two sides. For my sides, I chose the Greek potatoes and rice. My Souvlaki Dinner was served with Feta’s Famous Tzatziki. The chicken souvlaki was tender and flavourful. I really liked the taste of their tzatziki, which was very garlicky and tangy. The Greek salad was really fresh as it was made to order. And I was pleasantly surprised at how generous the portion size was relative to the price. Compared to Opa!, I think the quality of the food at Feta & Olives is much better.

Since I love Greek salad, I also got an additional order of the Greek Salad ($6.19) to go. Again, I was pleasantly surprised at how generous the portion was. This would be the perfect lunch if I was looking for lighter fare.

Overall, I was quite impressed with Feta & Olives. It is definitely one of the better and healthier food court choices out there. I liked that the food was freshly prepared and thought their prices were very reasonable. They will definitely be part of my regular lunch rotation.

Feta & Olives
#177, 225 7 AVE SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 457-6116


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2 Responses to Feta & Olives – Calgary, AB

  1. I had a gyro wrap from here. Big mistake… tasted like gross hamburger.

    • miss.foodie says:

      Thanks for letting me know. Funny, you should mention it. I actually just went back and tried the gyro wrap a couple of days ago. I wasn’t crazy about it either. I certainly wasn’t as impressed with it as I was the chicken souvlaki. In fact, I probably wouldn’t order the gyro wrap again.

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