Double Zero Pizza (Revisited) – Calgary, AB

double_zero_happy_hour_menuA couple of months back, when I had friends visiting from out of town, I suggested that we go to Double Zero Pizza for Happy Hour. I’ve always liked Double Zero Pizza for their $5 Happy Hour Bar Snacks. In particular, I’ve always loved their Beet & Ricotta salad, which I think is one of the best beet salads that I’ve had in town. On this visit, I actually got to peruse the Happy Hour Menu for the first time. On past visits, our server would just rattle off some of the bar snacks that were available during Happy Hour so I never realized that they actually had an official Happy Hour menu. There were items on this menu that we never knew about as they are not part of the regular menu.

We started off with an order of the Mushroom Salad ($5), which we had never tried before. The Mushroom Salad consisted of marinated mushrooms, arugula and shaved parmesan. The flavours in this salad actually reminded me a lot of Shroom Pizza from Without Papers Pizza, which is my favourite pizza in Calgary. It was well-seasoned yet light and flavourful. I would definitely order this Mushroom Salad again on my next visit.


Next, we tried the Mortadella & Pistachios ($5), which consisted of shaved mortadella, pieces of flatbread, and pistachios along with dollops of grainy mustard. The mortadella was delicious as were the pistachios which we all fought over. Personally, I think I even like the mortadella a tad more than the Speck & Foccacia. It definitely was a tasty snack to go with our drinks.


Of course, we also got a couple of orders of the Beet & Ricotta Salad ($5). The salad consisted of roasted beets along with grapefruit wedges, cubes of ricotta cheese and spinach leaves.


For our mains, my friends and I shared two pizzas. The first was the Speck ($17), which came topped with shaved smoked speck, mozzarella, and arugula. The toppings were flavourful and nicely balanced. However, I found the crust to be a bit on the thicker side, especially along the edges.  I think the crust could be quite a bit thinner and have a bit more charring and blistering. Otherwise, it was a tasty pizza and I would order it again on my next visit.


For our second pizza, I chose the Mushroom ($17), which was topped with a cultivated mushroom duxelle, basil, and fontina cheese. I’d been meaning to try this pizza for a long time and I’m glad I finally had the opportunity to try it.  Unlike my favourite Shroom Pizza from Without Papers, which is light and topped with flavourful marinated wild mushrooms, I found the mushroom duxelle in this pizza to be quite greasy and heavy. Even with a squeeze of juice from the grilled lemon, it didn’t seem to help cut the grease. Compared to the Speck, this Mushroom pie definitely was not the favourite at the table and probably not one I would order again. Again, I think the crust could be quite a bit thinner, especially along the edges and it could have a bit more charring and blistering.


One of my dining companions was on a gluten-free diet. Instead of having gluten-free pizza, which is available at Double Zero for an additional $3, she decided to try one of their entrees instead. She chose the Ewe-nique Farms Butterflied Leg of Lamb ($22), which came with roast baby potatoes, olives, capers, diced fresh tomato, arugula, and toasted pine nuts. I was pleasantly surprised at how tasty and well-composed this dish was. The pieces of lamb were really tender and well-seasoned. I really liked the contrasting textures and flavours in the dish.  In fact, I’m even tempted to order this dish instead of pizza on my next visit.


I’m glad I had the opportunity to try some new items this visit. My favourite item at Double Zero is by far definitely still their beet salad. But I also really enjoyed the Mushroom Salad as well as the Mortadella & Pistachios on their Happy Hour Bar Snack menu and would definitely order those again on my next visit.  For a main, I thought the leg of lamb dish was a winner.

Double Zero Pizza
751 4 Street SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 265-9559

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2 Responses to Double Zero Pizza (Revisited) – Calgary, AB

  1. My favourite pizza in town is also wop’s mushroom pizza, which is now also available from their food truck.

    The mushroom pizza at double zero indeed looks quite thick and greasy.

    • miss.foodie says:

      Have you tried the mushroom pizza from their food truck? Is it as good as the version from their restaurant? Just curious as I wonder what kind of oven they have in the truck and whether it is hot enough for to get the charring and blistering.

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