Mercato (West) – Calgary, AB

mercato_westA couple of months back, my friends and I decided to try Mercato West. I’d been to the Mission location several times before but had yet to try the West location which opened earlier this year. The West location is located in the neighbourhood of West Springs, just off 85 Street SW not too far from Old Banff Coach Road. I really like this new location as the restaurant is quite spacious and there is ample parking.

While perusing the menu, we were served complimentary olives and wedges of fresh foccacia with some quality balsamic vinegar and olive oil for dipping.


Most of the dishes at Mercato can be served family-style. Since my friends and I weren’t terribly hungry on this visit, we decided to get a pasta, a main entrée and a side dish to share. For a pasta dish, we shared a half order of the Tagliatelle ($15 for half; $23 for full), which was tossed in a classic pomodoro sauce with cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, and Parmigiano Reggiano. We had asked for the Parmigiano Reggiano to be served on the side since one of my friends is lactose intolerant. The pasta was perfectly executed. It was al dente and the flavours were spot on.


For our main, we shared an order of the Bistecca ($39 for single; $76 for double cut), which consisted of a Fiorentina style rib steak that was served with grilled lemons, arugula, and topped with Tuscan Estate XV oil. The rib steak was cooked to a perfect medium rare. Each piece was well-seasoned and melt-in-your-mouth tender. I can totally see why the Bistecca is one of the signature dishes at Mercato. The single order was more than enough for the three of us to share.


And as a side dish, we ordered the Funghi ($15), which consisted of a medley of mushrooms along with raddichio and fresh chili peppers. I had high hopes for this dish but out of the three items we ordered, this was my least favourite. Though the mushrooms were cooked perfectly, the flavours were just ok. It didn’t have much of a wow factor.


Overall, I enjoyed our experience at Mercato West. The service was spot on. Our server was really attentive and helpful. Though I wouldn’t say that this was the most memorable Italian meal that I’ve ever had, but at least all the dishes we ordered were solidly executed. Of the three items we ordered, my favourite was definitely the Bistecca and I would go back to Mercato to have that again. Mercato West would definitely be a solid choice if I were looking for dining option in that part of town.

Mercato West
873 85 St SW, Unit 5000
Calgary, AB
(403) 263-6996

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3 Responses to Mercato (West) – Calgary, AB

  1. Lindsay says:

    I still haven’t been to this location even though it is a 5 min drive from my place. I have always loved the steak at the 4th street location, so I’m happy to hear that it is just as consistent in the west location.

    Any interest in trying the wines & eats at Vin Room West? Maybe see if Anna can join us?

    • miss.foodie says:

      I actually prefer the West location as it is more spacious. I find the 4st location to be quite cramped.

      I’d love to try Vin Room West with you and we should definitely get Anna to join us too.

  2. Lindsay says:

    I finally made it there on Saturday night with a friend and his parents. We tried the bruschetta, gnocchi, pork tortelloni special (not on the menu), bistecca, pork ribs, asparagus wrapped in pancetta with taleggio cheese and the broccolini. The standouts were the bruschetta, tortelloni and the bistecca. The bruschetta came with grilled bread and 2 toppings: marinated grape tomatoes imported from italy and a creamy cannellini dip that had pancetta on top. The tomato one was very fresh and tasted like summer, although the favorite between the two was the cannellini dip. I’d order the bruschetta again just to have the cannellini dip. The tortelloni had a roasted/pulled pork inside and was served with a brown sage butter. The gnocchi had swiss chard, baby kale, and fresh ricotta, but it didn’t have much flavor. Definitely the least favorite of the evening. The pork ribs (Rosticciana) had good flavor, but they weren’t fall off the bone tender. The vegetable sides were fine, but not nearly as memorable as the bistecca. The server had recommended we order 1 antipasi, 2 primi, 2 secondi and 2 contorni, but I think that it was too much food for the 4 of us.

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