Dinner @ Il Sogno – Calgary, AB

In late November, my foodie friend and fellow food blogger, Anna of Anna’s Appetite, and I decided to check out Il Sogno for dinner. I’d been to Il Sogno for lunch previously and was really impressed with the food.

We started off sharing two appetizers. Anna chose the Duck Liver Parfait ($13.95), which was served with pickled vegetables and a rhubarb mustard chutney. As to be expected, the Duck Liver Parfait had quite a strong liver flavour so I wouldn’t recommend this dish for those who don’t care for the liver-y taste. It was nicely contrasted by the pickled vegetables and rhubarb mustard chutney.


I chose the Zucchini Fritters ($6.99), which was served with a paprika aioli. I was surprised a how generous the portion was and the fritters turned out to be really filling. The Zucchini Fritters were fluffy and light although they didn’t have a strong zucchini flavour. They would have been perfect for a table of four or more but for the two of us, there were a bit too many and we had trouble finishing them.


For our mains, Anna had the Traditional Macaroni Carbonara ($13.95), which consisted of housemade macaroni tossed with bacon, grana padano, black pepper, parsley, and egg yolk. To our surprise, the housemade macaroni was a little too “al dente” as there were a few pieces that were almost undercooked and rather chewy. Flavourwise, it tasted ok but wasn’t particularly memorable.


I decided to try the Oxtail Ravioli ($14.95), which came with carrots, thyme and snap peas. By far, this was the star of the show. This was easily one of the most memorable pasta dishes that I’ve had last year and hence, made it on to my list of The Best Things I Ever Ate in Calgary in 2012. The pasta was really light and delicate while the oxtail filling was really flavourful. It was a really well-composed dish. The sweetness of the carrots and snap peas was nicely balanced by the savoury oxtail ravioli. Of all the items I’ve tried at Il Sogno to date, this was definitely the standout dish.


For dessert, we shared the Black Fig Creme Brulee ($9.95), which was topped with almond biscotti. Since I’m a huge fan of figs, when I saw this on the menu, I knew I had to try it. I had high hopes that this creme brulee would taste really figgy. But instead, since it was the Christmas season, the creme brulee had been flavoured with a lot of Christmas spices and the fig flavour was actually quite mild. The texture of the creme brulee was spot on. It was very creamy and silky.


Overall, we enjoyed this dinner at Il Sogno. The service was top-notch. Our server made great wine recommendations to go with our meal. The food was generally well-executed. In particular, I thought the Oxtail Ravioli was outstanding. I can’t wait to go back to Il Sogno to have it again.

Il Sogno
24 4 Street NE
Calgary, AB
(403) 232-8901


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