Pig & Duke Neighbourhood Pub – Calgary, AB

Pig & Duke Neighbourhood Pub opened up earlier last year in the Beltline area. They took over the space that used to be home to Crush Restaurant & Lounge. I’d first learnt about Pig & Duke from reading several positive reviews on Chowhound. I was really curious about it so I convinced my foodie friend and fellow food blogger, Anna of Anna’s Appetite and her SO to join me there for dinner one evening back in late October.

We started off sharing an order of the Pig Knuckles ($14), which consisted of pork ribs coated in BBQ sauce. I was actually really impressed with the plating of this dish, especially since this was supposedly pub fare. The pork ribs were really flavourful although I felt that the BBQ sauce overpowered the taste of the meat a touch.


We also shared an order of the Fish Tacos ($13), which consisted of London Pride beer battered fish topped with Poblano sour cream, cilantro and red cabbage on corn tortillas and was served with sides of pico de gallo and salsa verde. This turned out of be my favourite dish of the evening. While these fish tacos were not nearly as good as the ones from Tacofino in Vancouver, these were actually one of the better fish tacos that I’ve had in Calgary and they were miles ahead of the fish tacos that I had previously tried from Los Compadres Food Truck. I’d definitely order these again on my next visit to Pig & Duke.


For mains, we shared the Meat Loaf ($15), which was topped with an Innis & Gunn mushroom peppercorn sauce and a side of smoked bacon mashed potato. We were actually quite surprised at how hefty the portion was relative to the price. It’s a good thing we had only ordered two entrees to share amongst the three of us in addition to the two appies as our server had warned us that it was going to be a lot of food. The meatloaf was tasty and I enjoyed the bacon mashed potato.


We also tried the Pork Chop ($18), which consisted of a smoked double cut chop that was served with roasted potatoes and steamed vegetables. Because the chop was quite lean, it was a bit tough and chewy. Again, we were quite surprised at the generous portion relative to the price and also at the fancy plating. The potatoes were well-seasoned and the steam vegetables toothsome.


There was certainly no shortage of food. The three of us could barely finish these four items. Though they attempted to put a gourmet twist to pub food, there were certainly some hits and some misses. My favourite out of the four items were ordered was definitely the Fish Tacos. If you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive meal with generous portions, Pig & Duke would be the place to go.

Pig & Duke Neighbourhood Pub
1312 12th Avenue SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 245-8487


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