Sticky Ricky’s (Food Truck) – Calgary, AB

sticky_rickysSticky Ricky’s is one of several food trucks that debuted last summer here in Calgary. They are one of two food trucks I know of that serve Cajun/Creole inspired street food here in Calgary, the other being The Blues Mobile, which is operated by The Blues Can in Inglewood. I finally managed to check Sticky Ricky’s out for lunch last week when they were parked at Central Memorial Park along with the Waffles and Chix food truck. Since I’m a fiend for fried chicken and I really like the fried chicken from Waffles and Chix, it was really hard for me to pass up fried chicken in order to try Sticky Ricky’s. However, I’m sure glad I did as they did not fail to impress and Sticky Ricky’s is now one of my favourite food trucks along with Waffles and Chix.

Sticky Ricky’s menu is pretty straightforward. I’m not sure how frequently the menu changes but on the day we went, there was a choice of four entrees all priced at $10 – Gumbo-Laya, Red Beans & Rice, Fin OR Foul Blackened Po-Boy, and the N’awlins Poutin.


My friend and I both decided to try the Gumbo-Laya ($10), which consisted of house smoked andouille sausage and chunks of chicken and ham simmered with peppers, tomatoes, mirepoix (celery, onion, and carrots) along with their special blend of Cajun seasoning. The gumbo was topped with corn and grilled prawns and served with a side of rice and a slice of homemade cornbread. Think of this dish as a cross between gumbo and jambalaya. I loved every part of this dish. My favourite part was the grilled prawns. They were perfectly cooked and the rub that they were seasoned with really made them amazing. Though I’m not always a fan of cornbread, this homemade cornbread was really good. The outer edges were crunchy and the bread itself was flavourful. If there was any kind of cornbread I would want to eat, this one would be it.


After finishing the Gumbo-Laya, my friend decided to go back and try a Sticky Ricky Cookie ($2). When we were ordering our Gumbo-Laya, we had seen a lady stop by the truck just to order the cookie so we figured that it must be good since she went out of her way to do so.  The Sticky Ricky Cookie consisted of an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie with nuts and balsamic reduction drizzled on top. We were caught by surprise with the balsamic reduction. From the looks of it, we originally expected it to be a chocolate sauce or syrup. To our pleasant surprise, it was balsamic reduction and it really works on the cookie. The tanginess of the balsamic reduction actually makes it really addictive. After sampling a bit of my friend’s cookie, I decided to go back and get one for myself.


As far as food truck fare is concerned, Sticky Ricky’s really impressed me. This was one of the best food truck meals that I’ve had in a long time. I’ll be first to admit that I haven’t been a fan of food trucks lately because quite often the food is overpriced for what you actually get and some of the food is actually mediocre at best. But in the case of Sticky Ricky’s, the Gumbo-Laya was totally worth it. Based on what we had for this lunch, Sticky Ricky’s would be one of the few food trucks that I would actually go out of my way to track down.

Sticky Ricky’s (Food Truck)


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  1. Just wanted to take a sec and thank you for these kind words. I try to look up anything I can on our truck and I just came across your post today, and wanted to say thank you so much we really appreciate you coming by and sharing these kind words about us. It is my dad and I that have this truck and I know how hard he works to make sure everything is homemade and well tasty;) so it’s always great to come across articles and postings like yours. Thanks again we hope to see you soon.

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