Margarita’s Dishes – Calgary, AB

Margarita’s Dishes is a stall at the Calgary Farmer’s Market, located just off Blackfoot Trail, near Heritage Drive SE. Named after the owner, Margarita Korduner, Margarita’s Dishes serves up homemade Eastern European fare such as cabbage rolls, perogies, chicken schnitzel, Hungarian goulash, latkas, potato knishes, hand-rolled blintzes, bratwurst, and even beet borscht. My coworkers and I decided to had to the Calgary Farmer’s Market for lunch one day last month. After hearing about the cabbage rolls at Margarita’s Dishes from my foodie friend and fellow food blogger, Anna of Anna’s Appetite a couple of months back, I knew I had to check them out.


I ordered the Cabbage Roll with Latkas Combo ($9.75), which as the name suggests included one cabbage roll and two latkas. The platter was served with sour cream, apple sauce, saurkraut, and steamed vegetables.  I’m not a connoisseur of potato latkas. Personally, I thought these were a bit bland and doughy for my taste but my coworker seemed to really enjoy them. My favourite was by far the cabbage roll. The cabbage roll was ginormous. It was bigger than the size of my fist. It was flavourful and tasted homemade. In the future, I would skip the latkas and just go straight for the cabbage rolls. You can actually order the cabbage rolls individually at Margarita’s for $4.75 each and two of them would make a filling lunch. A few of my coworkers loved the cabbage rolls so much that they actually ordered some to take home after our lunch. If I’m craving cabbage rolls, Margarita’s Dishes would definitely be the place that I’d hit.

margaritas_dishes_cabbage_roll_with latka

Margarita’s Dishes
Calgary Farmer’s Market
510 77 Avenue SE
Calgary, AB

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