Michigan Noodle – Richmond, BC

When I was visiting Vancouver last fall, I convinced my friends C and S to go and check out Michigan Noodle with me. Michigan Noodle had been on my list of places to try for some time as I had heard that they were famous for their wonton noodles and congee.

Since we weren’t particularly hungry, we decided to start with four items to share amongst the three of us as we weren’t sure how big the dishes would be. The first dish was the Lo-Mein with Beef Brisket ($7.25). This dish was prepared in classic Cantonese/Hong Kong style which meant that the tossed noodles were served with a bowl of soup on the side. This dished turned out to be our favourite of the evening and we devoured it in no time since the portion wasn’t very big. The beef brisket was really flavourful and tender while the noodles tasted really fresh and had a nice chewiness/spring to the texture. My only comment would be that I found the accompanying soup to be quite salty on this visit.


Next up was the BC Scallop Congee ($7.80). The scallop congee tasted good and was well-executed but wasn’t particularly memorable. Relative to the price, I thought the portion was a little small compared to the portion sizes we were used to getting at Double Double.


For our third dish, we ordered the Gai Lan in Oyster Sauce ($3.85). This dish was well-priced and well-executed. The gai lan was perfectly al dente. I liked that the vegetables were nicely plated.


And for our fourth dish, we had Baby Bok Choy in Consomme ($6.85). Again, the bok choy was well-executed and al dente. This was a decent sized portion relative to the price.


After polishing all four dishes, we were still a bit hungry so we decided to get another order of Lo-Mein since that was the item we enjoyed the most. This time, we decided to try the Lo-Mein with Shrimp and Pork Dumpling ($7.25). Again, this dish came with a bowl of the soup on the side. Unfortunately, unlike the Lo-Mein with Beef Brisket which was really tasty, this dish was really disappointing. The shrimp and pork dumplings seemed a bit overcooked as they were actually mushy. The noodles were still good but on my next visit, I’ll stick to ordering the Lo-Mein with Beef Brisket.


Overall, our experience at Michigan Noodle was ok. I really enjoyed the lo mein noodles. But overall, we found the portions to be a bit on the small side relative to the price. In terms of value and quality, personally I prefer Double Double for congee and noodles.

Michigan Noodle Restaurant
8580 Alexandra Rd
Richmond, BC
(604) 276-0882

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