Banh Xeo @ Hai Phong – Vancouver, BC

While visiting Vancouver last fall, my friend C told me how much she loved the bánh xèo at Hai Phong so I was curious to check it out. I’ve only ever had bánh xèo once and that was at the Tamarind Tree Restaurant in Seattle.  I’d previously tried Hai Phong on another visit to Vancouver earlier last year but didn’t get a chance to try the bánh xèo then.

On this visit, since we weren’t particularly hungry, we decided to start off sharing just a half order of the Garlic Butter Chicken Wings ($6.50 for half order; $9.95 for full order). I’d tried these before on my previous visit to Hai Phong but wasn’t particularly in love with them. They were tasty but didn’t have the wow factor like the ones from Phnom Penh. I decided to see if maybe they would be better on this visit. Indeed, they tasted better. They were more flavourful and garlicky than the ones that I had on my previous visit. Still though, I miss the salty-sweet flavouring of the Phnom Penh version. These were pretty tasty but I still wouldn’t say they are amazing.


Next up was the Bánh Xèo/Vietnamese Crepe ($9.95). It was made from a batter that is infused with coconut milk and traditional spices. The crispy pancake was filled with shrimp, pork and bean sprouts. It was served with pieces of lettuce and various Vietnamese herbs. Though this version from Hai Phong differed a little in terms of texture compared to the version that I had at the Tamarind Tree in Seattle, I liked how crispy and light it was. It didn’t seem like a lot of food at first but both my friend C and I were stuffed by the time we finished it. It’s definitely an item I would order again from Hai Phong on future visits.


Hai Phong Vietnamese Restaurant
1246 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC
(604) 872-3828

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