Fish Tacos @ Original Joe’s – Calgary, AB

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of fish tacos. Unfortunately, in landlocked Calgary, great fish tacos are hard to come by. I haven’t been to Mexico before so I haven’t experienced the “real” ones yet but so far my favorite fish tacos are the ones from Tacofino Food Truck and Commissary in Vancouver. I try to get my fill every time I’m there for a visit. When I’m in Calgary, every time I see fish tacos on the menu. I’m tempted to try them in hopes that I can find a half decent version to satisfy my craving until my next trip to Vancouver. Previously, I’d tried the version from Los Compadres Food Truck and was totally disappointed. When I went with my team to Original Joe’s two nights ago after our game, I saw fish tacos on the menu and was totally tempted to try them. I hadn’t been to a Original Joe’s location in years (pretty much ever since I became a foodie, I avoided chain restaurants) but I remember liking the food at Original Joe’s the few times I’ve been in the past. I decided to give the fish tacos a shot since the description sure sounded good on the menu.

I ordered the appetizer version of the Long Beach Fish Tacos ($11.50 for appetizer; $14.75 for meal size). The appetizer version came with two fish tacos and is served with tortilla chips and salsa while the meal size version came with three fish tacos and is served a mixed green salad. According to the menu, the Long Beach Fish Tacos supposedly consist of blackened mahi mahi seared in a light chili lime sauce, avocado, lettuce, roma tomato, green onion, cilantro  and topped with a house made chipotle sauce, folded into lightly grilled flour tortillas. What I ended up getting wasn’t half bad except that I didn’t get any avocado or tomato in my tacos. The blackened mahi mahi pieces were a little dry. Because the fish pieces were cut so small, the blackened seasoning overpowered the taste of the fish. If I had to do a blind taste test, I would never have guessed that it was fish. I probably would have thought it was chicken based on the texture. The grilled flour tortillas were a little on the dry but doughy side. Also, the wedges of lime were really dry and I could barely get a couple of drops of juice out of them. The best part of the dish was actually the tortilla chips and salsa. The tortilla chips tasted fresh and light. All in all, these fish tacos were ok. They were far from being the best fish tacos that I’ve had but not the worse either. I, at least, prefer these over the version from Los Compadres Food Truck though I thought the fish tacos from Pig & Duke were a bit better.  Would I order these again at Original Joe’s? I probably would if I was there again for a late night snack with my teammates. Compared to the nachos and hummus & naan that my teammates had ordered, I think the fish tacos were definitely a better choice.


Original Joe’s Westwinds
305-3690 Westwinds Drive NE
Calgary, AB
(403) 277-1722

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