Koto Sushi Lounge – Calgary, AB

Earlier this month, my foodie friend, Anna of Anna’s Appetite, and I were looking for a place in downtown for a quick bite before going to the auto & truck show. We decided to check out Koto Sushi since I had a dealfind voucher from a while back which I hadn’t used yet. I’d never been to Koto Sushi before and had been a bit apprehensive to go since I’d heard mixed reviews about this place from my friends.

We started off with an order of the Koto Spicy Miso Sashimi ($12). We had a choice of either salmon or tuna for this dish and we chose tuna. The chunks of tuna were tossed in koto original spicy miso sauce along with chunks of avocado and topped with sesame seeds. The presentation was quite nice as the sashimi was served in a martini glass that was lined with a crispy piece of spring roll wrap and some lettuce. Overall, this dish was tasty. I liked the contrasting texture between the tuna and the avocado.


Next, we tried the Hamachi Carpaccio ($13). This dish consisted of thinly sliced hamachi (yellowtail) in a citrus ponzu sauce. This was by far my favourite dish of the evening. This didn’t come as a surprise as I LOVE hamachi. I was impressed with how tender the hamachi slices were. The citrus ponzu was delicate and gave the hamachi just the right amount of flavour. This dish was definitely a winner and I wouldn’t hesitate to order it again.


Lastly, we finished off with an order of the Assorted Sashimi ($27 for 15 pieces), which tasted fresh and the pieces were of a decent size. There were five kinds of fish in this assortment.


Considering I paid only $25 for the $50 voucher and it was another $15 for  the balance as well as for tea, tax and gratuity, so $40 in total for this meal, I thought it was really good value for what we got and at that price point, I would go back to Koto Sushi again. However, if I had to pay full price without the voucher, I’m not sure this meal was worth $65. At that price point, I’d much prefer going to my favourite sushi joint, Wa’s Japanese Restaurant, as I’m a purist when it comes to sushi and so I prefer a more authentic preparation.

Koto Sushi Lounge
103–435 4th Avenue SW
Calgary, AB


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