Hokkaido Japanese Restaurant – Calgary, AB

After learning that there was a change in ownership at the downtown Fuji Yama (5th Avenue SW location) last month and that it had been renamed to Hokkaido Japanese Restaurant, my coworkers and I were curious to check it out.  Fuji Yama used to be our go to place for sushi at lunch, not because the food was outstanding, but mainly because it was reasonably priced, the quality was decent, and it was within walking distance from our office.

Like Fuji Yama, Hokkaido has lunch specials which either consist of two entrée or three entrée bento boxes or lunch combos. All the lunch specials come with soup and salad. Unlike Fuji Yama, which used to have a choice of either miso or egg drop soup, Hokkaido only has miso soup available at the time of this visit since they have only been open for a few weeks. Our server told us they would consider having egg drop soup available in the future. We noticed the salad was also quite different. This version from Hokkaido now has a slice of cucumber and fresh strawberry as well as a cherry tomato and a different dressing, which actually paired well with the strawberry.


My friend ordered the Lunch Sushi Combo ($15), which consisted of 6 pieces of nigiri sushi and a sushi roll with masago.


He also tried a few pieces of Unagi Sushi ($3 per piece). The knife cuts for the unagi sushi were sloppy as the unagi seemed to be falling apart. However, I sampled a bit of it and it was actually quite tasty.


I decided to try the Chirashi Don ($15), which consisted of assorted sashimi on a bowl of Japanese rice. The sashimi was actually quite fresh. My only quibble about the Chirashi Don was the amount of rice. I probably wouldn’t order this again because there was way too much rice for my liking. Instead, I’d probably opt for a sushi & sashimi combo on my next visit.


Overall, we actually enjoyed our lunch experience at Hokkaido. It’s nice to know even with the change of ownership, the prices were still reasonable and the quality of the sushi was still decent. I’ll definitely be back again with my coworkers for lunch whenever we are craving sushi.

Hokkaido Japanese Restaurant
118 – 5 Ave SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 266-1068


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1 Response to Hokkaido Japanese Restaurant – Calgary, AB

  1. Alan says:

    Went last weekend (Saturday), they were busy but the service and food were still good. Sure like the warm setting and soft music.

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