Dim Sum @ U&ME Restaurant – Calgary, AB

I’d been to U&ME Restaurant for dim sum a number of times over the years with my coworkers. The food has been always decent but they had never really made it on to my list of favorites for lunch so I hadn’t been there in a while. Then one day late last year, I saw a picture on Instagram by local blogger Vincci of Ceci n’est pas un food blog. She was at U&ME having dim sum and I noticed in the picture that there was a dish of fried turnip cakes. This has been a favorite dim sum item of mine and I never thought we could get it in Calgary.  I’d only had it a handful of times at dim sum in Vancouver – a couple of times at Good Choice Restaurant, once at The Jade Restaurant, and a couple of times at Double Double. This is not a version that is always available at dim sum. Most commonly, the version available at dim sum is the large pan-fried slices of radish cake. Personally, I prefer this cubed version as it leaves for more surface area to be fried and become crispy. I was happy to find out that I’m able to get this dish in Calgary and was really excited to try it out. So I dragged my foodie pal, Anna of Anna’s Appetite, to go and check it out.

Of course, we started off with an order of these #81. XO Sauce Fried Turnip Cakes ($6.50). Note that these are only available after 11am daily. I was actually really impressed with how crispy and flavourful these fried turnip cakes were. I also liked that they had a spicy kick to them. This dish was definitely a winner and I’d definitely be back to have it again.


The XO Sauce Fried Turnip Cakes went perfectly with a small order of the #63. Seafood Congee ($6.35 for small; $15.95 for large). Along with the other dim sum items, a small order of the congee was more than enough for Anna and myself. To me, congee is the ultimate comfort food to have during the coldest days of winter. U&ME did a good job with the Seafood Congee. It contained a lot of shrimp, squid, and scallops.


We also tried an order of the #22. Meat & Peanut Dumpling ($4.35). This item is often known as Fun Guo or Chiu Chow(Teochow) Dumpling. The dumplings are typically filled with chopped peanuts, garlic chives, ground pork, dried shrimp, dried radish, shiitake mushrooms and sometimes, cilantro, jicama, or dried daikon and wrapped in a semi-translucent wrapper.  These dumplings tasted ok but  I wouldn’t say that these were the best version that I’ve ever had.


I wanted to try the #31. Shrimp and BBQ Pork in Rice Roll ($4.95) again. I used to order this dish all the time whenever I went to U&ME. On this visit, they were just average. I remember really liking the BBQ pork rice rolls before but somehow the bbq pork wasn’t as flavourful as I remembered it to be.


Lastly, for dessert, we shared an order #23. Deep Fried Sweet Cream Buns ($3.95).
Again, this used to be one of my favourites whenever I went to U&ME in the past. Unfortunately, these were brought to us earlier on in the meal so they kind of got cold by the time we got to them. They taste best when they are piping hot.


Overall, this was a decent dim sum experience at U&ME. The standout dish for me by far was the XO Sauce Fried Turnip Cakes. I’m so happy to finally have found a place in Calgary that serves these fried turnip cakes. I’ll definitely be back for these along with a bowl of Seafood Congee.

U&ME Restaurant
#201-233 Center ST SW
Calgary, AB


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  1. I have to eat there now….

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