YYC Burger Week @ Anju Restaurant & Lounge – Calgary, AB

May has certainly been a busy month of eating for me, especially with YYC Burger Week. I started off YYC Burger Week at downtownfood trying out Chef Darren MacLean’s Brant Lake Wagyu Double Down Burger. Next, I tried Erin Mueller’s winning Nainalicious Burger at Naina’s Kitchen. For my third burger for YYC Burger Week, I decided to check out Anju Restaurant with my friend Anna of Anna’s Appetite. I was particularly intrigued by Chef Roy Oh’s special creation for YYC Burger Week, the “BiBim-Burger” as it is also made with Brant Lake Wagyu beef. I wanted to see how this burger stacked up against downtownfood’s Brant Lake Wagyu Double Down Burger.

The Bi-Bim-Burger ($15 during YYC Burger Week; $18 regular) was created by Chef Roy Oh especially for YYC Burger Week. It consisted of a Brant Lake Waygu short rib patty with a galbi marinade and was topped with gochujang sautéed vegetables, a fried egg, and mozarella on a sesame bun. We asked to substitute the regular fries with Anju’s signature yam fries, which were tossed in truffle oil and served with gochujang aioli. The truffle yam fries were delicious! They were easily some of the best yam fries I’ve had and were extremely addictive, especially with the slightly spicy gochujang aioli.


The BiBim-Burger itself was flavourful and juicy. I loved the combination of Korean-inspired flavours and textures in this burger. The beefy flavour wasn’t as pronounced because  of the galbi marinade but it was still very tasty. My friend Anna and I loved this burger so much that we actually went back to Anju later on  that week hoping to have a second. We were lucky. Due to its overwhelming popularity, Anju has decided to put the BiBim-Burger on their regular menu.


My friend Anna and I also shared an order of the Fried Chicken and Pa-ffles ($18), which consisted of fried chicken tossed in a spicy gochujang sauce, a fried egg, green onion cornmeal waffles, and a side of soy butter maple syrup. This was fusion perfection on a plate! I’m fiend for fried chicken and loved the slightly sweet and spicy gochujang coated crispy chicken. It paired perfectly with the savoury green onion waffles, which were really tasty and had just the right amount of crispiness to them. I loved the soy butter maple syrup, which was served on the side. Because I don’t have a sweet tooth, I was pleased that the syrup was served on the side so that I could drizzle the amount I wanted as I don’t care for my food to be drowning in syrup.


Both of these dishes paired really well together with the Shin Ramen Caesar ($8), which consisted of vodka, shin ramen soup base, and clamato. Since both the BiBim-Burger and the Fried Chicken and Pa-ffles had elements in the dish that were sweet, the spicy and savoury Shin Ramen Caesar was perfect to balance out the sweetness.


Overall, this was a perfect meal at Anju. It was just the right amount of food for the both of us. Both the burger and the chicken & pa-ffles had us dreaming for more. There is no doubt these are my two new favourite dishes at Anju. As for how the BiBim-Burger stacked up against the Double Down at downtownfood, it’s a really tough choice and depends totally on personal preferences. But for me personally, I think the Double Down, edged out the BiBim-Burger slightly with the crispy poached egg and their DTF Bacon.

Anju Restaurant
507 – 10 Street SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 532-9419


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