YYC Burger Week @ MARKET Restaurant – Calgary, AB

After checking out downtownfood’s Brant Lake Wagyu Double Down Burger, Naina’s Kitchen’s Nainalicious Burger, and Anju Restaurant’s BiBim-Burger, I decided to check out Market Restaurant’s Dirty Burger for my fourth YYC Burger Week burger.

My friend M and I decided to share the burger along with a few appetizers so I wouldn’t get “burgered out” before the week was done. We started off with an order of the Tuna Salad ($16), which consisted of BC Albacore tuna, Poplar Bluff potatoes, a hard-boiled egg, and heirloom tomatoes in a tarragon vinaigrette. The salad was tasty but didn’t have much of a wow factor. I was happy with it nonetheless as it served its purpose. I was looking for lighter fare to balance out my week of burger eating.


For our second appetizer, we shared the Carpaccio ($16), which consisted of thinly-sliced Olson’s High Country bison topped with brioche croutons, wild juniper, and dollops of burnt shallot aioli. This was easily our favourite dish of the evening. I really liked the bold flavours of the tender bison against the contrasting textures and flavours of the accompanying condiments. I would definitely order this dish again on my next visit.


For our main, my friend M and I shared the Dirty Burger, which was Market’s creation for YYC Burger Week. It supposedly consisted of a patty made with a mixture of brisket and short rib and was topped with house-made beer cheese (made from Sylvan Star Gouda), house-cured bacon, veal sweetbreads and a foie gras emulsion atop a house made brioche bun and was finished with a roasted tomato jam and pickled cucumbers to offset the richness of the other components. The burger was served with a side of house made potato chips.


I really liked the texture of the patty in the burger. It was easily one of the best burger patties I’ve had texture-wise. In terms of flavour, I could taste some beefiness but it was not as flavourful as the Wagyu patties in downtownfood’s Double Down Burger and Anju’s BiBim-Burger. I liked the house pickled cucumbers and the tomato jam but found the overall flavour of the burger to be rather one note. I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t taste any of the foie gras emulsion that was supposed to be on the burger and as well, don’t recall tasting the house cured bacon as well.  I was glad that my friend and I decided to share the burger as it was quite rich. .


To go along with the burger, I decided to try one of house made sodas at MARKET. I decided to try the MARKET Rootbeer ($3.25).  I really enjoyed it though I’m normally not a huge fan of rootbeer. It had really interesting flavours and did not that artificial root beer taste that I usually don’t care for.


MARKET Restaurant
718 17 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 474-4414


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