Fish Tacos @ Brewsters – Calgary, AB

A couple of weeks ago, after one of our games, my teammates and I decided to hit up Brewsters for some grub. Since I’m a huge fan of fish tacos, I feel compelled to try them whenever I see them on a menu. Unfortunately, in landlocked Calgary, great fish tacos are hard to come by. I haven’t been to Mexico before so I haven’t experienced the “real” ones yet but so far my favorite fish tacos are the ones from Tacofino Food Truck and Commissary in Vancouver. For the longest time, I could never seem to find fish tacos in Calgary. Recently, it must be getting popular as I’m finding them on the pub menus more and more. When I saw the fish tacos on the Brewsters menu, I knew I had to try them out for “research” purposes.

I ordered the appetizer version of the Fish Tacos ($11.99 for appetizer; $14.99 for meal size). The appetizer version came with two fish tacos while the meal size version came with the two fish tacos and a choice of side. The Fish Tacos consisted of southwestern spiced haddock topped with chipotle slaw, avocado, sriracha mayo on grilled flour tortillas with a side of pico de gallo. My only issue with the fish tacos was actually the avocado. It was the same problem my teammate had with her Long Beach Salad. We both noted that the slices of avocado had a slight brownish tinge to it and didn’t have the bright green color we’ve come to expect from fresh avocado. We we bit into it, the avocado slices tasted fizzy so we flagged down our server and she went and got the manager. I’d commend the manager for handling this situation rather well and being really honest with us. When he came to talk to us, he showed up a package of vacuum packed avocado halves that they use. I was a little shocked as I didn’t even know that vacuum packed avocados even existed. He offered to remake our meals or get us something different from the menu. It’s a good thing that he showed us the vacuum packed avocados as I was initially going to ask them to replace my avocado slices but after learning that the avocado was vacuum packed, I decided I’d rather have my fish tacos sans avocado. That’s too bad as the creaminess of the avocado would have contrasted nicely against the sriracha mayo. Otherwise though, these Fish Tacos were actually quite tasty. I really enjoyed the flavours of the southwestern spiced haddock and the pico de gallo was a nice touch to balance things out. Disregarding the avocado incident, these Fish Tacos actually were pretty decent to my pleasant surprise. I certainly thought they were a lot better than the fish tacos I had recently from Mad Rose Pub as well as those from Original Joe’s and Los Compadres Food Truck. I still think that the Joey’s Fish Tacos at Joey’s Urban is still one of the better versions I’ve found to date here in Calgary although none are even remotely in the same league as the ones from Tacofino Food Truck and Commissary in Vancouver.


From start to finish, I was impressed with how our server and the manager handled the avocado incident. Besides offering to remake our meals, they also took both our items off the bill, which was a really nice gesture. The Fish Tacos were tasty enough that I would consider ordering them again in the future, sans avocado, of course!

Brewsters (Crowfoot)
25 Crowfoot Terrace NW
Calgary, AB
(403) 208-2739

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