The Club – St. John’s, NL

the_clubWhile visiting St. John’s, Newfoundland, I was really hoping to get my fill of lobster. On my last trip to Maine and the maritime provinces several years back, I had really fond memories of trying out lobster rolls almost everywhere I went. I was hoping to do the same on this trip to St. John’s. Unfortunately, to my surprise, it was actually hard to find a place that serves lobster rolls in St. John’s. After searching online for some time, I found out that The Club is one of the few places in St. John’s that has actually serves lobster rolls. Since my friend T told me that The Club was one of her favourite places for pub grub in St. John’s, I really wanted to give their lobster roll a try.

We started off with some complimentary fresh bread with salted molasses butter. The bread was fresh but it would have been even better if it was warm. The salted molasses butter was quite interesting. I didn’t realize that molasses had a part in Newfoundland cuisine but it makes total sense if you think about the kinds of goods that were traded back in the 19th century. The salted molasses butter was nicely balanced and not overly sweet nor overpowering.


My friend T ordered one of her favourites, Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf ($19), which came with roasted garlic smashed potatoes, sambal string beans, and a roasted shallot and beet ketchup. I didn’t know what to expect but when I had a taste of this meatloaf I was thoroughly impressed. The meatloaf was so tender and flavourful. I particularly liked the bits of pickles that were incorporated in the meatloaf, which is quite unusual.


Of course, I ordered the New England Lobster Roll  ($15), which came with pommes frites and house bacon slaw. I really enjoyed the toasted New England style hot dog bun that the lobster roll was served in. Overall though, I would say this lobster roll tasted good but not amazing. I’ve had worse but it’s definitely is not in the same league as the ones I’ve had in Maine, especially the ones from Red’s Eats in Wiscasset, Maine. The one from Red’s was the best lobster roll that I have ever had. This lobster roll at The Club brought back fond memories nonetheless. It was definitely a decent representation of a New England style lobster roll. The house bacon slaw was tasty and I enjoyed the crispy pommes frites. Even though this lobster roll is listed as an appetizer on the dinner menu, it was more than adequate as a light entrée.


To go with my lobster roll, I decided to try a pint of the Quidi Vidi Light ($7.50). Quidi Vidi is a Newfoundland-based independent brewing company with about 8 different beers in their current line up. I chose the QV Light as I thought it’d best complement the lobster roll. The QV Light was lightly hopped, clean, and crisp. It paired perfectly with the lobster roll.


Overall, I enjoyed my experience at The Club. It is definitely more of a gastropub than a traditional one. One thing to note is that they are very busy but fortunately, they do take reservations. We didn’t make reservations but were lucky to manage to find seats at the bar.

The Club
223 Duckworth St
St John’s, NL
(709) 726-2582

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